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Happy Holidays 2014

Just a quick note wishing everyone will have a great holiday season, spending time with friends and family. I’m not a religious or spiritual person, but that doesn’t preclude me from the warmth and happiness of everyone around us during this time of year. Hopefully you get an opportunity to rejoice in the same, and…

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postfix dereferencing in perl 5.20

Found a great post about what I think is a welcome feature coming with perl 5.20 (currently available in 5.19.8) — postfix dereferencing! @{$ops->{data}->{opslist}} becomes $ops->{data}{opslist}->@* The result is less brace matching and more readable code. I like it. Go read more details on it if it tickles you. http://perltricks.com/article/68/2014/2/13/Cool-new-Perl-feature-postfix-derefencing The post says drop-in replacement,…

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anyenv is my hero

I’ve played a little with anyenv with some of the recent work I’ve been tackling, and man.. this is just wonderful. https://github.com/riywo/anyenv It’s a super wrapper for rbenv style dev environment managers and puts them all into one amazing package. Please go check it out. perlbrew was great.. time to move on $ anyenv install…

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Customer Service

For the past couple weeks I’ve had intermittent DNS issues through my AT&T U-Verse router at home. On most of my devices it’s just not an issue, as I have it set to use a public DNS server (google, opendns, take your pick). Unfortunately this is a bit of a pain in the ass when…

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MySQL Workbench

Trying to work with MySQL Workbench on some schema changes. I must say I’m fairly disappointed in how it handles the forward engineering / sync with database when I change a column name. Should it alter the column? Of course not, it does a drop on the column and an add of a new column….

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Chicago Wedding

Spent the weekend in Chicago to celebrate the marriage of my friends Nicole and Anthony. We had a great time, met some new peeps, and got to see some old peeps. We didn’t have too much time to get out into Chicago this trip, but I think I’ll certainly return to check it out more…

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Launching the new site

Good morning, I’m finally getting around to pushing our a new site for Spleck! I’m going to try out WordPress and see how it has evolved over the years, and see how diligent and putting my stuff here, instead of spamming everyone on twitter. 😉 Tweet Pin It

>Draw Something

>First let me say this is a great game that I’ve had fun playing, despite the occasional server communication issues losing my upgrades temporarily. Unfortunately Zynga agrees with me and bought omgpop, the company who created Draw Something. This will expand the Evil With Friends empire. Sadly today will probably be my last day playing…

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>Log Tail and Parse

>Implementing a log parser.  Exciting stuff, I know.. but we need to get to the data in a useable form, so just parsing events out of logs and tossing them into a database that is going to be used to build nice reports (or crappy ones, time will tell).  All I know is File::Tail::Dir is yummy…

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>Strikeforce Weekend

> This weekend we headed up to Columbus to see the Strikeforce event.  Headlining of course was Misha Tate defending her title against the up and coming trash talker, Ronda Rousey.  It was a great fight, as was the other Women’s MMA fight where Sarah Kaufman pulled out a nice victory as well. We had…

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