Mars Mode

Hands OFF, Eyes ON for FSD Beta, by @spleck

What is Mars Mode?

Using a White Command Panda and a Raspberry Pi 4 you can simulate steering wheel control inputs, such as max speed and volume adjustments, by injecting signals onto the CAN bus. This confirms the time interval based steering wheel torque nags, but allows the vehicle to continue to monitor for driver attention using the internal cabin camera.

Note: You can use a Pi 3b, but it will require both a USB-A to USB-A cable, as well as a second USB power connection from the car.

Mars Mode Source

This is the repo for the installer and example scripts for interacting with your Tesla automatically.

Step by Step Guide

A step by step HOWTO guide on how to install the required software onto the pi, flash the comma panda to allow output mode, and an example script to adjust the volume automatically.

Note: This install uses the PiOS Legacy images. An updated video is coming in "two weeks" to support the newer images, as well as greatly simplifying the process.

S3XY Mars Mode

This is a step by step video guide for an alternative method of accomplishing Hands Off, Eyes On for FSD Beta that is less technical and works "out of the box" using S3XY Buttons or S3XY Knob.

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